have a happy new year guys! (denim smock - asos, pony lace ups - dune, watch - sekonda)

How would you guys feel about posts that involved inspiration for outfits?

I was thinking along the lines of “NYE Party”, “Meet The Parents”… etc.
Is that something you guys would want to look at or what?

brbtwrking inquired I'm sure you've gotten this before, but look just like Zooey Deschanel, holy shit. Lol

thank you :) yes, i tend to get this, but it’s always nice to hear it :) your hair is my dream hair!

merry christmas cuties! cousin love at the table! (myself; dress - debenhams, anya - christmas jumper - gap)

bought the urban decay naked3 palette and haven’t stopped using it.

workinglatino-deactivated201410 inquired Do you follow?


staff party. i was such a drunky monkey, paying for it today, severely. (dress - coast, tights - h&m, boots - topshop)

found these shoes in my mother’s laundry room, apparently my sister doesn’t like them on her feet. yay for me. (shoes - new look, jeans - asos, jumper - h&m)

so somehow, i missed passing the 400 followers mark and have hit 420! thank you all so much for following and giving a crap about what some fat girl with a polka dot obsession wears. i think you’re all fab and want to thank you all for just being awesome!
thank you so much, ya wee beauties!

21st party with la familia. i think i look crazy short here. spotty obsession is still running strong, shockingly. (dress - debenhams)

leather trousers, floral shirt and pony skin shoes. (shirt - h&m, trouser - dorothy perkins, pony skin lace ups - dune)

close up of the shirt, look at my hurrrr. (shirt - h&m)

this is the shirt. i’m worried you guys won’t like it as much as i hoped you would. it’s gorgeous though, i wanna wear it all day everyday. (shirt - h&m)

i got this amazing shirt from h&m and i’m totally dying to wear it. when i get it worn ill throw a pic up asap. its all gorgeous and monochrome and double prints and flowery and urgggh so lush.
h&m online don’t seem to have it, boo.
gonna wear it tomorrow after work. literally so excited.

loveyoubye xoxoxo

this is my kate spade phone case before i threw it out of the way when my best friend went to puke on me, he’s my favourite person. my phone case got smashed up. drinking isn’t cool, kids. who am i kidding, drinking is ridiculously fun. (phone case - kate spade)